Who we are

elbows is a dynamic technology company that improves profitability of its clients through a suite of powerful software solutions.

elbows was founded in Germany by tech enthusiasts and travel experts. We combine deep knowledge of the travel industry with analytical skills and sourcing knowledge. Our highly-skilled data scientists and tech engineers built a platform for advanced analytics featuring several machine learning algorithms.

What we do

Our goal is to increase our clients' profitability and market share. The software solution uses machine learning to identify and realize cost improvements. It also highlight contracting and rate opportunities to increase market share. All solutions are powered by machine learning in a customized approach.

We combine short-term financial gains with medium-term measures to secure and improve market share.

Who we support

We work with all players along the travel value chain. Our focus is on tour operators, travel agents, travel resellers, travel wholesalers and other travel intermediaries.

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Increased profitability, higher market share.

Our clients are more competitive using our technology. The data insights, optimized supply, or improved supplier connections enable our clients to secure their future competitive edge and to continue to grow on a sustainable basis.